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Send out Twitter status updates any time of day or night

There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to send a tweet when you can't - because... well, you can't. Here are just a few of them:

  1. You want to send a birthday greeting to someone on the other side of the planet while you're asleep: "Good antipodean morning, tweeps, and a very happy birthday to my favorite Aussie surfer"
  2. You need an alibi: "I'm in this horrendous queue at the Walmart checkout, and the brat in front keeps yelling "Mommee! Mommee! Can I have those red shoes? Mom! Mommee, can I? Can I, Mommee?"
  3. An analysis of your followers suggests an impracticable timeframe, such as when you're at work, as the optimum time to reach most of them, rather than first thing in a morning or last thing at night as you usually do: "I've just this minute finished my latest blog on Prevaricating - read it now"
  4. You're supposed to be watching the game or a movie, but you're in the pub on your ninth pint, or somewhere even worse: "Great car chase but I can already predict how the film's going to end"
  5. You want your life to look classy, dynamic and thrusting 24/7 with a non-stop array of top level business meetings, sophisticated parties and hot dates: "On the flight to New York - eating canapes, drinking champagne, and watching steamy movie on my private screen *neato*", "Landed at John Kennedy - picked up by Michael Bloomberg's chauffer-driven stretch limousine *home James, and don't spare the horses*", "Dinner with Mick and Donald (Trump - check that comb-over) at Jean Georges' - got glared at for asking for my steak well done *go figure*", "Just time to change outfits to accompany the winner of American Superstar to see Sister Act on Broadway *awesome*", "What a few hours that was *phew - baybee!!!* Now on flight to Paris, Italy"
  6. You're so busy and so absentminded that unless you send tweets when you think about it, rather than when they should be sent, they don't get sent at all.

Let's take the last of these as perhaps the most typical. There are the odd occasions now and then when you remember to do things, but the vast majority of the time, you don't. So make the most of the times you do by scheduling your tweets in advance using TweetingMachine.

  1. Select which of your accounts the tweet is coming from
  2. Enter the time and date you want the message to be tweeted
  3. Type the message
  4. Click the Shorten Links button if need be, then click Save

TweetingMachine will make sure the status update is sent at the right time regardless of what you are doing.

We feel obliged, however, to point out that if you are planning a bank hoist, there are probably stronger alibis available elsewhere. Also, as useful as TwitterMachine is, it cannot yet check the factual accuracy or appropriateness of your messages.

TweetingMachine: your backup memory device.

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