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Automatically tweet RSS and Atom feeds

Social networking is an increasingly time consuming business. You spend hours planning, writing, and editing your blog, then you put a link to it on Facebook and MySpace, and then you tweet about it. You have RSS (or Atom) feeds for related blogs, tweets, news sites, YouTube, etc. to keep you up to date. Then, more often than not, you want to share what comes up on these feeds with your friends and followers, so you blog about them, and then you tweet about them.

Sadly, TweetingMachine can't write your blogs for you, but it can tweet about them, via an RSS feed, and it can also tweet about all the other feeds you subscribe to. Simple copy and paste in the link to each feed, and TweetingMachine will check it every 20 minutes. Any new items found will be tweeted from your Twitter account. And you can personalize these by adding a prefix and/or suffix to each tweet.

Let's try an example. You, Pat, write a blog about racing snails, which you try to add to every day. So, you copy and paste your blog feed link into TweetingMachine, and you add the prefix "My snail update:" Within twenty minutes of your latest blog going live, a tweet will go out announcing it:

Pat2067 My snail update: Go faster stripes - organic dietary supplements for more streamlined mucus propellant - see my latest blog

You also subscribe to the RSS feed for the Snail Racing Post website. So, you copy and paste this into TweetingMachine and add the prefix "Latest snail race news:" and the suffix "#snailracingpost".

Every time there's a new update at the Snail Racing Post website, a tweet will be sent out from your account. The results should look something like this:

Pat2067 Latest snail race news: Morpheous - aquamarine M on yellow circle - owner P Ovid - leading by 2mm in the $200 SRP Gastropod stakes at Snailwell #snailracingpost

Pat2067 Latest snail race news: Pooky - crimson P on cyan rectangle - owner J Arbuckle - overtakes Morpheous in the $200 SRP Gastropod stakes at Snailwell #snailracingpost

Pat2067 Latest snail race news: Slowpoke - cornflower-blue S on cerise triangle - owner - N Young - wins the $200 SRP Gastropod stakes at Snailwell #snailracingpost

Your tweets will, of course, be far more interesting than this, but the principle is the same: updates happen without you having to do anything aside from setting the system up in the first place. Thus, you have saved all the time you once spent writing tweets to report updates to your blog, and feeds from the blogs you follow, and from your news services and interest groups.

Moreover, your followers will now be getting relevant information from you at all times of the day and night. Regardless of whether you are awake or asleep, you will be the font from which all (relevant) knowledge flows. It is, as they say, a no brainer.

TweetingMachine: your 24/7 publicity department.

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